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several players, not just arenas, made light of gun possession in the locker room. >> i know you see the photo and you see a certain image, but that photo doesn't justify the way guys viewed the whole situation. >> did you see that happen before the game? >> no. i was writing on the board and did not see it. >> was it initiated by gill or you guys. >> that's no comment. you think we are going to initiate something serious like that. if you know me you shouldn't ask that question. >> reporter: when asked how the team is maintaining, flip saunders says we have been in a team in a state of flux all season. and despite all that is circling around us we have to focus on our jobs. >> through adversity there is opportunity and we have to show the people of dc that there's a commitment and he admits for the foreseeable future that commitment will have to be shown without arenas.
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>> 9 news now and >> and now we hear some of the players still on the team maybe punished. a team source tells nine sports, management is investigating the pre-game mock shooting incident in philadelphia and it will punish players that instigated the joke or acted inappropriately. a lot of you have a lot to say about the arenas situation and keep the responses coming. the address is mail don't clippers move out fast and ushers in arctic air and it ushered in the coldest air of the season. the winds are back. it has been a windy month already. 25-mile an hour gusts toward
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andrews. 23 national and 25-mile an hour wind gusts in national. if you don't factor in the winds it is plenty cold. low 20s in frederick and low 20s almost in the teens out to winchester and cumberland. but if you factor in the winds feels like 14 downtown. 10 in frederick. single digits out to winchester and cumberland. for tonight, partly cloudy skies. breezy, cold, wind chills are five to 15. lows 18 to 24. we'll congress back and talk about when we will be above freezing again. and we will take you to next week. there's light at the end of the tunnel. derek, back to you. >> it's not a train, right. >> no. moving to the other big story today. stranded, a school bus with a dozen kids on board gets stuck in its tracks. plus, fighting mad. local parents take aim to cut school funding and burnt to the ground. this is a warning for everyone who using a kerosene heater. i'm audrey barnes in
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laytonsville. two residents and a firefighter are hurt after a house fire this morning. all evidence is pointing at a kerosene heater. david sauter says the kerosene heater blew up when his mom and sister tried to fill it. >> you think it may not have been filled with kerosene. >> we're thinking a that but at this point it is speculation. >> reporter: firefighters are warning people not to use kerosene heaters to heat their living areas. >> beside a fire hazard you have carbon monoxide exposure if it is not well ventilated. >> the two are being treated for smoke inhalation and burns. the house on holings river road has been condemned. i'm peggy fox in fairfax county where parents said if fairfax county schools decline, the whole state's economy will suffer. >> fairfax county and other northern virginia counties are
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supported the rest of the state for years, and now we're hurting. i know everyone else is, but it's time that we get our fair share. >> reporter: the parents told lawmakers that fairfax county should be able to keep more of the taxes raised here so that the schools won't suffer more devastating cuts. some elementary school classrooms have as many as 34 students. >> too many. that's a lot of children for teaching and i'm shocked they would want to add anymore. it takes away from the learning experience. >> you are playing russian row let with class size. how big can it it get before the test scores go down. >> i'm armando trull in the fort hunt neighborhood of fairfax county where dozens of school children were trapped on a bus because of the weather. icy conditions on the town hall portion of stafford road were so dangerous on friday morning the bus driver decided to stop after one of the tires kept
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slip took the side. another driver arrived several hours later and after careful footwork and team work on the slippery roads all 13 children and two adults, headed for stratford elementary on a second bus. that vehicle had to back up several hundred feet to avoid the icy patches of roadway. those who live in the holland hills neighborhood aren't surprised. they say that stretch of road is always dangerous after snow falls. >> we have had people have their cars go off the road and so forth, and so it's always a problem. yes. >> armando trull thank you for that. and new at 7 tonight, a warning from the culpeper sheriffs office. they have several reports of a man approaching children at bus stops and offering them rides home. this has happened several times this month in the following areas, countryside lane, rapidan farms drive and batna road. they have set up extra patrols
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but they are urging parents to wait with their children at the bus stop and pick them up directly from the bus. an update on the renee bowman child abuse case. a judge sentenced her to 25 years in prison for child abuse. the victim her adopted daughter who was 7 years old at the time and confronted bowman at court. she said people should never do things to a little girl that bowman did to her. she is accused of killing her other two daughters and she has a trial scheduled in montgomery county on murder charges. the suspect in the christmas day bombing attempt was in court today. among those gathering at the courthouse are two lawyers who say they were sent by the family of abdulmutallab to observe the arraignment. one from maryland and the other from nigeria. she plead not guilty. the charges against him include attempted murder of the 290 people on board the flight. the man federal authorities believe is behind the plot is
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an american born cleric who lived and worked in our area and he spoke with 9 news now a few days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. that's when he was eman at a mosque. he was a doctoral student at georgetown university and when we talked to him he spoke about the backlash against the muslim cleric. >> the mosque has been shut down since the day of the accident and tomorrow is religious service, on friday. we're now working on providing enough security so that we can meet with our community are you he is believed now to be in yemen. he allegedly uses facebook, my space and youtube to create home-grown terrorists. news on the michael jackson death investigation tonight. the ap is reporting that prosecutors will seek an involuntary manslaughter indictment against conrad murray. the ap says he will be prosecuted for gross negligence. jackson died at his home in
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june under murray's care and apparently he gave prop poll, a subsequent autopsy found that he died of intoxication of the medication. and how to really lose weight this new year but first what is up with the uptick in gas prices? we get answers. back in less than two minutes. f only $100. but am i wearing them now? hello. i'm wearing my older sister's jeans that she ruined with bbq sauce... or so i thought. see, my mom washed them with this tide stain release in-wash booster stuff. she's all, "you use it with your detergent to help get stains out the first time." are you kidding me? so now the stains are magically gone. and my sister passes on her jeans to me. what a life. [ female announcer ] tide stain release. stains out. no doubt.
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gas prices are pushing back to $3 a gallon for the first time in a long time. scott broom is physicalling those unfortunate developments. >> it's on the rise. overnight. >> reporter: georgia avenue northwest an the higher grade gas is back, over $3 a gallon once again. >> i believe it is still hard times. >> i think they snuck back up when people were reluctant to go out shopping for christmas. >> reporter: gas prices haven't been this high since the economy collapsed with the financial crisis in -- crisis in 2008 and the worry now is the high fuel prices may put the brakes on the anemic economic rebound the economy is trying to make. >> of course it is not a good thing that we are spending more on fuel prices. i'll have to save money from other places and put more money on my gas account to get where i need to go. >> reporter: on average, the dc market is seeing unleaded regular at $2.70 a gallon.
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more than $1 higher than one year ago. the graph showed just how fast it's been rising, 20 cents in the last month alone. break it down by jurisdiction and we are averaging 2.61 in virginia, 2.72 in virginia and 2.80 in the district. one reason for all of this is financial. the u.s. dollar is worth less, meaning it takes more of them to import oil in a global market. refiners have also trimmed capacity in the weak economy, tightening up the supply. >> things get tightened up overseas and we get the brunt of it. >> can't predict where the gas prices will be week in an out. >> reporter: here's the map on how gas prices affect the economy in general. for every ten cents a gang the gasoline goes up, that's another $14 billion out of americans ' pockets that they might have spent on something else. in most washington, scott broom, 9 news now and
7:12 pm >> and just for your information, crude oil closed today at nearly $83 per barrel. coming up, topper is back with the weekend forecast. keep it right here. are you making it easier for bacteria
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to grow on your dentures?
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it's that time of the year. people start to hit the gym and go back on their diets and we spend a lot of money on services that promise to help us reach those weight loss goals. what work and what are we spending? we get advice from experts on winning by losing weight in 2010. >> one of the common questions is how do i lose weight. >> reporter: you can call it the $58 billion question. that's the amount of money americans spent trying to lose weight last year. so what's the best way to get it done? peter joe, a nutritionallist with sport club l.a. says it is time to be honest. >> we know that big macs potato chips are bad. so the main thing is having an attitude shift to say, i do
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prioritize nutrition. that is something. so let's let our time, our efforts, our sweat, our money, whatever it might be show that. so show what it is that we invest in. >> reporter: in this resolution season, companies are trying to get us to invest in their programs to lose weight. among the offers, wait watchers is waiving registration fees and jenny craig has a deal to lose 20-pounds for $20 plus the cost of food. to get you back in the gym, bally's and golds gym are dumping registration fees and washingtonians are finding higher end offers such as the ritz carlton perfect ten promotion. including an overnight stay, an hour with a nutritionist and four hours with a personal trainer like raphael who says get moving every day. >> parking the car further away. walking to work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. things like that, constantly keeping your body moving. >> reporter: and he says hitting the gym is essential,
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as well. let's check the evening rush hour. dave calhoun has the details. >> reporter: we are in the home stretch. inner loop approaching the 270 spur. the earlier accident is now clear. delays from near the dulles toll road to that scene. northbound 270, look at that. you don't see that often on a friday afternoon. no problems. nice and quiet in to frederick county. westbound 66 still heavy from the vienna metro over to route 50 and for russ, nancy and our friends in southern maryland no incidents to report out there as you start your weekend. it is just cold, top. >> it is cold. being on the weather terrace for about a minute is rather uncomfortable and if you are out for any length of time tonight, hat, gloves, scarf, the whole nine yards because the wind chill is in single digits in spots. by monday we will make it above the freezing mark. here we go.
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tomorrow, 29, maybe 30. upper 20s on sunday. windy to breezy both days and then finally on monday, partly cloudy and temperatures in the mid-30s which is seasonably cold, but better. all right. cold weather tips. we have been giving you these all week so you stay ahead of the curve. drain the hose bibs which you should have done already and you have these things that put on the faucets that keeps them warmer. it looks funny but cool. put the safety caps in electrical outlets even if the kids are grown. it stops drafts and partly cloudy, breezy and cold. wind chills five to 15. winds northwesterly at 10 to 15 and gather gusty. we will talk about black ice. what appears wet tonight maybe frozen. that's black ice. slow down. we will have this problem the next several days with our recent snowfall. temperatures, lows, 20 in tysons, 18 great falls.
7:19 pm
21 bethesda. 20 silver spring and upper teens out to bowie and upper marlboro. more cold weather tips. when it is this cold you need to dress in layers and stay hydrated. i know it is friday night but you want to drink water if you want to stay hydrated. alcohol does not make you warm. it makes you feel warm for a while but doesn't do your body any good. 25 in [ville. as you head out past georgia avenue and olney. 25 recommendington. potomac high lands almost in the teens already. tomorrow morning partly cloudy, breezy again. and by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy and cold, highs near 30. winds northwesterly at 10 to 15. there's the clipper. i will tell you what, some lake effect snows are driving pretty far south in to tennessee and in to our mountains. garrett county is under a winter storm watch through tomorrow morning. 30 woodbridge. downtown, even with full sun we are talking an 29 for a high.
7:20 pm
the next seven days, upper 20s on saturday and sunday and make it to 35 on monday. snow flurries are possible on tuesday. a weak system rolled through. it will be mid-40s on wednesday. upper 40s on thursday and another cold front comes through and lower temperatures back to 45 but that's pretty close to average. >> some nasty stuff, top. >> it is. >> when we come back, a surprisingly strong statement tonight from wizard antawn jamison before the big game. you want to be here for this. see you in a minute.
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[ female announcer ] swiffer 360 dusters cleans deep into hard to reach places and removes allergens, feather dusters can leave behind. the thick all around fibers trap and lock on contact. swiffer gives cleaning a deep new meaning. exact change, buddy. ♪ love stinks! in a surprising move antawn jamison commented on the arenas
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scandal tonight. >> one thing me and my teammates take seriously is being a positive role model that we didn't take lightly. this is a picture that shows us taking this event lightly. this is a serious situation and something we take to heart. we never made light of the situation and we are going to do everything in our power to make this one of the most respectable organizations in the league. >> reporter: jamison speaking before the wizards game down at the verizon center. he's a class guy. in the mail bag tonight, rage and disappoint over the mel la drama surrounding the wizards, specifically allegations that players were involved in some sort of gun confrontation. angelina in dc with a message for arenas. the late abe poland changed the name from bullets to the wizards after the 1995 assassination of the
7:25 pm
assassination of prime minister yet sack rabin. >> okay he had unloaded weapons -- and vince, who is 8 years old and lives in leesburg is a bit more charitable. -- i think you are probably right, vince. sometimes having a goofy personality is no excuse for bad behavior. we got reaction to an e-mail complaining that topper shutt is a it will million too joyful when he is predicting snow.
7:26 pm
the entire family jumped to the weatherman's defense. -- i'm just excited to get your e-mail. the address is that's our report. i will be back at 11:00 and tonight, horders it can be hard to throw things away like old birthday cards or perhaps magazines but for one local womb keeping any type of paper or magazine is an obsession. there are mounds of paper, books and even trash in her home. she has admitted she's got a problem and she's a horder and she wants to get better. >> after a while, it becomes the norm. you just -- you can't do anything about it so you shut
7:27 pm
your eyes. >> she would be known as a horder. a horder is someone who has a really difficult time letting go of things. things that may seem invaluable and typically are invaluable. >> reporter: tonight on 9 news now at 11:00, a closer look at the clutter and we dig up ways to help in orderers break the cycle. it is a special report. log on anytime you like to i'll see you at 11:00. ♪ ♪
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"entertainment tonight" in high definition. "the bachelor's" scandal uncovered. >> i got cheated on. >> as jake reveals for the first time that she's the one. >> it is rozlyn. >> it, yes. >> the affair controversy. the cover-up and the bachelor betrayed. >> it's serious. plus, on the set of rozlyn's censored photo shoot. >> wow. >> what does nbc stand for? >> what's that? >> never believe your contract. >> the latest news on jay leno's rumored move back to late-night. kate gosselin's makeover. elvis's look-alike grandson at the king's 7 59 birthday celebration. and bradley cooper, shirtless. the new mr. t. >> it gets

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